Accurate and sustainable
fashion decisions
in everyday shopping

Choozr is an AI-powered sizing service with proven accuracy by professional tailors. Choozr helps your customers find perfectly fitting sizes and gives you a sustainable path to better profitability in online sales.


Make a difference by choice

Customer experience

Providing confidence in finding the correct fit is a critical factor in the online shopping experience.

Towards sustainability

Choozr helps your customers make sustainable choices through correct sizing information.

More profitable online sales

Choozr cuts product returns immediately and significantly improves your online store profitability and sales conversion.

Say "bye" to wrong-fit returns

Wrong-fit returns aren't just "returns." Excess returns always cause unsatisfactory customer experiences and hurt margins in many ways.

Imagine if you could cut product returns and always serve your customers with a perfect fit. 


85% would buy more clothes every time they shop when sure to get the right size.


Say "hello" to returning customers

It is always easier to sell to customers who know what size to order.

In the clothing business, customers will re-order more often when the fit is right the first time.

Be the best in the first impression.


58% would purchase clothes more often when sure to get the right size


Save and make money with Choozr.

Significantly improve your business profitability by cutting wrong-fit returns, increasing sales conversion, and welcoming more returning customers. 

Our value-based model gives you all this without any investments and financial risks. 


Choozr in a nutshell

What is Choozr?

Choozr is an AI-powered digital sizing service that offers your customers unique customer experiences and helps to make good choices when ordering.

The Choozr app helps customers have their accurate measurements for brand-specific size recommendations and also order custom-tailored apparel. With just two pictures taken in no time, your customers can get accurate body measurements and precise size recommendations for ordering.

Where is Choozr available?

Choozr App is freely available on Google Play for Android (version 10 or later) and AppStore for iOS devices (version 16 or later).

Choozr serves your clients globally.

Which devices support Choozr?

For iOS users, Choozr has been officially tested and is supported on devices running iOS 16 or later. For Android users, Choozr is compatible with Android 10 or later devices.

Using the latest OS and application versions available for devices is encouraged to ensure optimal performance, security, and compatibility. 

While Choozr may still function on older OS versions, we cannot guarantee full compatibility, stability, or support for these systems. 


Are customers able to take the measurements by themselves?

Yes, they can. The Choozr app has been designed to enable taking measurements without any assistance in the privacy of the customer’s home.

What to wear when taking pictures?

Users have two options. We recommend wearing tight-fitting clothing (or underwear) for accurate results when taking pictures.
It is also possible to take pictures wearing loose-fitting clothing, and the application estimates the body contour during the image processing.

Does Choozr save the pictures and measurements?

We take user privacy seriously.

There are two options for handling the pictures:

Pictures are destroyed at the end of the image and the calculation process. Note: image processing and measurement calculation are always done locally on the user’s device (NOT on a 3rd party server).

Alternatively, the user can send the pictures to a selected tailor automatically using strong encryption, and only a named tailor can access the pictures for later measurement validation.

You can read more about how we protect user privacy on our Privacy page.

Is my customer data stored securely?

Your client's measurements, pictures, and any other information are safely secured by end-to-end encryption that meets the highest standards. No one except the assigned tailor can see pictures, and the tailor can only view the pictures using a private encryption key.

Make a difference by choice

Working with made-to-measure clothing?

Choozr size recommendation is designed for the ready-to-wear trade.

For tailors and dressmakers, we have TailorGuide Dashboard.